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We need your help!

Interested in working with us? Come join our team or become our partner!


September 2014:

Foundation will be presented to several potential investors from September through December 2014.

*Funding costs may be adjusted based on new information

*As we are still in the process of establishing the foundation, we have no formal organization status yet and donations will go to the account used for LINC Myanmar (see About).

We will have a separate, more official Paypal account in the future.

Tokens of Appreciation

Donations of $20 or more will receive a postcard from Myanmar.

Donations of $50 or more will receive a postcard and a souvenir from Myanmar.

Upon payment your email will be contacted with the option to receive these tokens.

Please contribute your support for a waste-free Myanmar and a waste-free world!  

We very much appreciate your help.

Donations are available to the whole foundation or to specific aspects you would personally like to support, which you can indicate in a note accompanying your donation.

Thank you very much for your support!


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