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January 2015:

Suppliers of current energy alternatives will be approached to establish partnerships.

June 2015 (?):

Energy Consulting Division will start to be set up and work with these suppliers to provide energy alternatives affordably.

Interested in helping?

Our energy consultations let residents know about the benefits and long-term price savings of renewable energy and help them switch to using alternative energy.


Energy in Myanmar

Diesel and gas pollute the town air in heavy traffic.  Generators for some outdoor stands and shops contribute to the unpleasant and toxic smell.  Several gas pipelines and dams are owned by Chinese investors.  Electricity may cut off suddenly, especially in the rainy season.  Rural areas, where the majority of the population lives, often have no electricity at all and become completely still and dark at night.  Although the government has allocated some solar panels to rural areas, it is far less than the total amount promised.  Many people use biomass such as wood to cook, producing toxic fumes in homes that are especially lethal to children.  

Sustainable Energy Alternatives

We would make sustainable energy sources more accessible to the population by offering planning, financing, and installing assistance as well as dispersing public awareness on these issues.
›-Solar energy assistance
Solar energy is the most promising source of energy, especially for rural areas.  Some solar panels are even available in the town, although their quality is dubious.  To provide quality functioning solar panels to all, we would significantly offset the cost by providing an affordable fixed monthly or yearly rate for the hassle-free installation, upkeep, maintenance, and eventual replacement of solar panels for households and establishments.  A free quote would be provided before committing.  Our staff would complete regular check-ups of the solar panels to ensure they are working properly, but if a problem ever arises, contacting staff would be easy and a speedy response and fix would be guaranteed.
-Electric moped installment plan
Electric mopeds are an existing and cheaper alternative to the polluting gas/diesel mopeds that still make up a large amount of mopeds.  Moreover, with the increase of solar energy sources, electric mopeds would become even cheaper and even more sustainable.  To make it easy for poorer families in need of vehicles to procure a moped, we would offer an installment plan with no interest in which they have more time to pay back the costs of an electric moped.  For families to make a switch from gas/diesel mopeds that require continuous fuel expenditures and produce air pollution, we would allow a free or money-back swap of old gas/diesel mopeds for new electric ones.  A warranty on electric mopeds may also be provided.  The old mopeds would potentially be taken apart and recycled, but not resold for use.  A free moped safety course may also be provided to all new customers of electric mopeds.
-Energy educational awareness
To raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable energy sources, we would turn to our educational division to provide teaching in schools, organize awareness efforts with health centers, and partner with businesses that show their support of sustainable energy initiatives, among completing other awareness campaigns.  Of special interest would be education on biomass use as a health hazard to children.


We would connect these various parties involved in the use and dispersal of alternative energy sources.

-interested consumers and establishments
-sustainable energy providers such as companies/manufacturers of solar panels and electric mopeds
-trained experts in the use and maintenance of sustainable energy items
-businesses and media advertising our services and/or their support for them through testimonials

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